Green Garden Centre

What we stand for

Not only do we have green fingers here at Trevisker but we are a seriously GREEN garden centre too!

Did you know our electric comes from our own solar panels? Our water comes from our own bore hole and we reuse or recycle all of our plant pots and compost all of our waste (of which there isn’t much!). Our toilet is a composting toilet (don’t worry, it looks normal and smells as fresh as a daisy!).

We grow our plants as naturally as possible using no heat , minimal chemicals and a good peat reduced compost. Our plants are chosen for their suitability to our Cornish climate (what this really means is their tolerance for being battered by the wind!) and around 90% of these are grown right here on site. Plants grown like this grow up to be strong and tolerant to changeable weather conditions, pests and diseases. Everything else is sourced as locally as possible, in fact everything in our garden centre is as local as possible (including us- we walk to work!).