Meet the Garden Centre Team

Trevisker Garden Centre Padstow Meet the Team


Siân or Mrs Trevisker is actually a brummie but has been here so long that most people have forgotten…. She studied fashion and design before starting the garden centre with Mark way back in 1997! She has a topiary obsession, a rather strong creative streak, loves all plants and everything Trevisker

Interesting fact- she once jumped out of an airplane and passed out!! It all turned out ok, don’t worry.


Mark or Mr Trevisker ended up on a garden centre management course after running out of money on a payphone (for those of you who can remember those!) His family have worked Trevisker Farm for generations and he is a most excellent plant grower and all round plan maker and visionary.

Interesting fact- he can often be found playing guitar ( like a ledge) and serenading customers at the till!!

Trevisker Garden Centre Padstow Meet the Team
Trevisker Garden Centre Padstow Meet the Team


Zoe is Trevisker’s crazy, fast, creative ‘assistant buyer and merchandiser’. She loves plants, art and design, theatre, live music and energy drinks. She has a background in sales and has an interior design degree ( lucky us!!).

Interesting fact- she has climbed a mountain in South Africa and ran away from a baboon!!


Alison has been crowned ‘Trevisker’s general manager’. She is actually a real plant whizz too and has been a professional horticulturalist since 2003. She has worked at the Eden Project ( that’s like the holy grail to us) and was Head Gardener at local Mother Ivey’s bay holiday park. She is super organised and likes spread sheets and Doctor Who.

Interesting fact- Alison sang in the Albert hall as a kid!!

Trevisker Garden Centre Padstow Meet the Team

Tom and Jocelyn

Tom and Jocelyn or the Trevisker kids have both grown up in the garden centre serving customers, running errands and doing their home work. Both are very happy now there is a cafe on site!!Neither of them have known a time without Trevikser but would like their parents to not talk about it quite so much.

Interesting fact- They both love the theatre and acting!(not plants)


Schnoo the garden centre dog can mostly be found either in Paws in Padstow waiting for a treat or at the till waiting to greet other dogs. She is a bit shy but totally friendly and loves belly rubs, sleeping, Harlyn beach and chewing brushes.

Interesting fact- She once ran away when Mark and Siân went on holiday and was found 15hrs later. She said it was a bit too much of an adventure thank you very much.